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Issue #01 2023 of FIM Europe Magazine now online!

Issue #01 2023 of FIM Europe Magazine now online!

The FIM Europe is pleased to share the #01 edition of the FIM Europe Magazine 2023!

We are at the beginning of a new year.
We finished the last one with a lot of news and previsions, ready for a new and thrilling season. Now we were ready to start off with new emotions.

After the Sporting Commissions’ Meetings in last October and November, in January the Beyond Sporting Commissions had the occasion to meet: a great opportunity to discuss face to face current topics and 2023 activities after the last official meetings at Bucharest’s Congress in July 2022.

The sporting season is ready to kick off. All the calendars have been published and some Championships already started. Also, some official events took place, such as the FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience, that gave the possibility to visit and live Rovaniemi. Others will soon take place and we’re all looking forward the next Congress in Zaragoza: once again, we’ll have the occasion to meet face to face.

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