Introduction to the Enduro EC final round in Slovakia

aboutuemThe Enduro European Championship final will be held from 17th to 19th August 2012 in Krompachy (Slovakia). This competition is formed of three days, with the third and final dayfully dedicated to motocross. The three days will have also an additional Team Championship, similar to the Six Days event.

The individual classes, are very interesting too: The favourites are clear, but still nothing is defined right now. For this reason, also the Estonian Aigar Leok, goes back to the start, as he has the last chance to get the overall win and the title of “Overall”.

In the E3 class, however, the Italian Maurizio Micheluz holds the lead in the championship. In the E2 class lead the Belgian Cedric Cremer, in the E1 class, the Finn Roni Nikander.

Krompachy is well known as an organizer in the Enduro scene – various international predicates have been hold there already – this is not only set the stage for exciting competitions available, but also the entire environment is prepared for a worthy final.

The current list of participants shows how international the Enduro European Championship has become with well over 150 riders from 16 nations: click here for the full list of participants

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