Introduction to the 3rd round of the UEM Trials Championship

aboutuemThe UEM Trials Championship is entering its hot phase: in less than one month here are the four rounds left. Next Sunday it is the turn of Poland to host the number three in the series. The venue is Krzeszowice, small town not far from Krakow, already visited by European circus in 2010.

After the decision taken by the Trial Commission to lower the age limit from 18 to 16 years for participating in the International Class, and in case of closed circuit, to let the young riders riding even motorbikes over 125cc, here is the right place for testing this new rule. Indeed, at the top of the hill outside the town, around a soccer field, there is a large area dedicated to the sections of this event, completely off-road. It also looks very easy for the spectators to follow the whole competition by foot.

In the Top class, we expect to see again the Italian duel that characterized the first two rounds. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) and Daniele Maurino (Ossa) are occupying the two top positions in the overall standing and promise a hard fight. Still an Italian rider is in third position, Matteo Poli (Ossa).

In the Junior class the leadership moved from the Youth word champion French Steven Coquelin (Gas Gas), to the Maglia Azzurra Francesco Cabrini (Beta) after the last round. Only two points separates the twos. But many other riders are growing so fast in this category, that everything is always possible.

Among the “Over 40” riders, ex world rider Dutch Marc Reit is leading, but 1992 world champion, Finnish Tommi Ahvala (Gas Gas), who missed the second round could be able to contrast him until the end.