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Internal Audit and Management Council Meeting

Internal Audit and Management Council Meeting in Sorrento

Left to right: Martin Lazdovskis, Nicoleta Olariu, Alessandro Sambuco, Silvio Manicardi, Martin de Graaff,
Michal Sikora, Jiri Sitina, Manuel Marinheiro, Andrzej Witkowski, Jean-Marc Desnues.

The splendid backdrop of the Sorrento Peninsula hosted the Internal Audit on April 6th and the FIM Europe Management Council Meeting on April 7th.
The particular location celebrated these last two official appointments before the elective Congress in Bucharest which will mark the end of this 2018-2022 term.
The evocative views, however, did not distract the Internal Auditors, the Financial Department and the Members of the Management Council from completing these important moments of FIM Europe with the usual professionalism and attention.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“On Thursday the Management Council had the last meeting of the mandate of four years, the day prior to this meeting the Internal Auditors controlled the Financial situation of 2021. In this special meeting of the MC all reports were discussed: the report of the President, the first Deputy President Michal Sikora (Sporting issues), the second Deputy President Silvio Manicardi (Beyond Sport issues), the Treasurer Juhani Halme and the Internal Auditors. In a very good atmosphere we could look back at the last four years, difficult years, caused by the pandemic and this year with the terrible war, destroying many activities and the bad situation in Ukraine. For that reason, Internal Auditor Vadym Kopilov could not take part in our meetings. Important was the information concerning the coming very important FIM Europe Congress, with elections and appointment of Commission Chairmen and Members, in July in Bucharest. The information will be sent very soon to all Federations”.

Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“The Management Council had the pleasure to discuss the running of the sporting season and plans for next months. Current season started well with nice races in couple of disciplines like SuperEnduro, Ice Racing, Motocross and Enduro European Championship. Unfortunately, Snowcross EC didn’t took place due to different circumstances. But the most important topic which was discussed during our meeting was the military aggression of Russia on Ukraine and suspension of riders of Federations of Russia and Belarus, also involved in conflict, as well as restaging the events on these territories”.

Mr Silvio Manicardi, 2nd Deputy President
“As usual, the work of the Beyond Sporting Commissions has been presented in details to the Management Council. In between the others, worth of attention is the decision to restart the Tour Assistant Training that will be held in Spain the first week of October. Details will be published in the next days. Also worth of note is the progress of the study on the potential integration of ePTWs in future touring events, study performed together with the University of Florence. Regarding environment the new Environmental Check list is fully operational. This will allow a better understanding of our environmental performance on the different circuits. I hope that the actual health and political situation will allow us to perform our duties in the best manner as possible”.

Mr Laurent Delbroek, Chairman of the Auditors
“Together with my colleague Tapio Nevala and with the participation of the Treasurer Juhani Halme and Silvia Monatti and Andrea Diamantini for the Financial Department, we carried out our job as Auditors. We regret the absence of the Auditor Vadym Kopylov because of the war in his Country. Thanks to the Financial Department all the bookkeeping operations are correct. It was not easy to close the 2021 accounts with a positive result being in a COVID period”.

Mr Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General
“It should be emphasized that the 2021 account result, with a positive sign, obtained despite the economic difficulties linked to the COVID-19 epidemic, is a team result. It is in fact necessary to thank all the members of our organization, from the Management Council to the General Secretariat, from the Chairmen of the Commissions to the Presidents of the Jury, for having implemented the restrictions and recommendations and then applied them in practice. Only this unanimous behaviour meant that the expenses that could be contained were contained and that the result of the 2021 budget had a positive sign. Special thanks go to the Financial Department for its discipline and consistency in applying all possible attention to keep the accounts under control”.

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