Road Racing

Grass Track Individual final in Eenrum

aboutuemThe 2012 UEM Grass Track Individual Final was certainly a hot competition with the event being staged in temperatures approaching 34 Celsius at Eenrum in the North of Holland.

The 4000 spectators witnessed some very exciting racing with riders not giving a centimetre during the 12 qualify heats. Once all the points were totalled, the field of 18 riders were allocated to the three (C, B and A) Finals. With two places available for the winner and 2nd place from the B Final racing was again extremely competitive with Dirk Fabriek (FMB) and Glen Philips (ACU) joining Ales Dryml (ACCR), Stephan Katt (DMSB), Jörg Tebbe (DMSB) and Jannick de Jong (KNMV) in the final. With Ales Dryml being unbeaten during the qualifying heat, he started favorite. However Katt had other ideas and he out gated the other five riders, to lead the race from start to finish.

(UEM Press Release 121/2012)