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General Assembly AAMU in Prague

General Assembly AAMU in Prague

From left to right: FIM Europe President Mr Martin de Graaff, AAMU General Secretary Mr Christian Farinelli,
AAMU President Mr Robert Zikovic, AAMU Deputy President Mr Jakub Smrz, ACCR President Mr Jan Sovicek

On Friday 07th the ACCR organized an extra ordinary General Assembly in the federations head quarter in Prague as from December last year the Alpe Adria Motorcycle Union (AAMU) was without President and with a lot of future problems for this important Regional Association for FIM Europe.

The host of this meeting, ACCR President Mr Jan Sovicek, welcomed the invited member federations and guests, proposing the Assembly to ask FIM Europe President Mr Martin de Graaff to chair the meeting until the election of the new president.

During the meeting the situation from December until today was evaluated, with the general remark that we can learn from the past, but mainly to focus on the AAMU future in a good structure with clear rules.

The members elected Robert Zikovic (Croatia) as the new President of AAMU.
Out of the member federations (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia) the Deputy President (Jakub Smrz, ACCR) and General Secretary (Christian Farinelli, FMI) were nominated.
The new President presented his plans: in a short time, the statutes will be revised and all federations will be involved in a system for new commission members and competitions.
Three federations applied for the membership of this Association: Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Romania were all accepted by the General Assembly.

The next meeting is planned during the FIM Europe congress in July.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“I’m extremely satisfied with the new situation. The members and guest federations discussed in a friendly atmosphere the current problems, presenting solutions and future plans for the AAMU. During the coming months the federations will present one Board member for each federation: I wish the new Management and the Board Members a lot of success”.