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First session of Sporting Commissions Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

First session of Sporting Commissions Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

Finally, we were back in face-to-face meetings!
Two years after the last meeting in presence, the Sporting Commissions met on Saturday 23rd October in Fiumicino, Rome. Almost all commission members were presents and just some members could not join directly the meeting because of travelling restrictions.
The summits were also attended by the FIM Europe President Mr Martin de Graaff, the 1st Deputy President Mr Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco and Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters in the office.
In three weeks, the other Sporting commissions will have their meetings.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“Four Sporting Commissions came together for the usual meetings in this time of the year and the day before the chairmen prepared the meeting in the Sporting Council in the FIM Europe office. The meeting, chaired by the 1st Deputy President Mr Michal Sikora, reported about the activities in this second difficult year. A lot of events had to be cancelled, however at the end we could look back to a good calendar. In spite of some travel problems the attendance in the meetings was good and people were happy to meet again face by face: just some members stayed at home and to follow the meetings in a virtual way. The most important issues were discussed, like some rule changes and calendars. In the last case we are depending on the FIM calendars, for the most disciplines they are published already. The Dragrace commission discussed with a new promoter for a new 2022 calendar. We are grateful to our commissions to be present at the meetings in order to prepare the next season. In a few weeks the second group of Sporting Commissions will come to Fiumicino for their meetings”.

Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“Finally, after missing three commission meetings, we were able to meet in person even if these meetings were held in hybrid form. Having a meeting in on spot allows us to discuss more details and share more information. It was interesting to discuss with our members their experiences from pandemic times but also, which is most important, the future of disciplines represented in meetings held in Fiumicino”.

Enduro & Rally Commission
The commission discussed the season and all were happy with a full season in most of disciplines, except Superenduro, that was cancelled due to restrictions. Results for Enduro, TT Rally, Baja and Cross Country were approved. The meeting in Fiumicino was the chance to speak with the TT Rally promoter, having a long discussion about rules concerning classes and starting numbers in Enduro. At the end the commission produced the 2022 calendars, looking forward to the next season.

Mr Robert Svensson, Chairman Enduro & Rally Commission
“It was great to meet the members again and we had very good conversations about our sports, both the just finished and also the upcoming season. We welcomed two new members. I’m really happy that the commission have so good cooperation with FIM Europe secretariat”.

Trial Commission
The new 2022 calendar is fixed with 5 events. The commission had the occasion to speak with a potential promoter for the European Championship with positive results.

Mr Magnus Liljeblad, Chairman Trial Commission
“It was very nice to meet most of the members face to face again. First of all, we welcomed our new commission member Keity Meier from Estonia. We are very satisfied to have a young woman in our commission. We could discuss about the current season and also the next one with positive future prospects”.

Road Racing Commission
As well as the other commissions, Road Racing Commission met personally after two years. Results of 2021 season have been approved even though there are some championships still to crown his champions. SSP300 European Cup and STK1000 European Cup will see the final round at the end of October together with Alpe Adria. For 2022 season only Mini Road Racing has already a fixed calendar with a single event to take place at Assen on the 29th – 31st July. The main goal of the meeting was to improve safety conditions in all classes, especially on the age limit due to new amendments for young riders.

Mr Martin Hejduk, Chairman Road Racing Commission
“It was a pleasure to meet each other personally after two years because we could go through many topics and solve them very quickly with very interesting proposals and suggestions. Working groups will work now on the adjustments of 2022 rules and calendars of all our activities will follow up on the next weeks as soon as the international events will be official”.

Drag Racing Commission
One day of discussions with a lot of important matters for the Drag Racing Commission. As this year the championship were cancelled due to the restrictions, the commission had the chance to work hard in order to secure the next season. The meeting in Fiumicino was the occasion to meet a new promoter.

Mr Job Heezen, Chairman Drag Racing Commission
“We are all very happy to have the chance to meet again personally. Unfortunately, this year we had a tough season with no competitions, but the commission work hard, looking forward to the next season. There is a new partnership with a new promoter and we’re already working on the 2022 calendar”.