First Round Of The Supermoto S2 EC In Ottobiano

The class S2 of the Supermoto European Championship started today at the Ottobiano track in Italy.

The first race of this Round was won by Dutch rider DEVON VERMEULEN (KTM) who managed to gradually pass riders in the race until he was first, taking advantage of a very good riding technique on a rainy and wet track . In second position, fighting continually for the spot, finished Finnish rider SAMI SALSTOLA (HONDA), while third place of this race was grabbed by PETR VORLICEK (HONDA).

The second race was a continued fight over the lead between PETR VORLICEK (HONDA) and DEVON VERMEULEN (KTM), with the Czech rider being able to finally come on top. Third this race was SAMI SALSTOLA (HONDA).

Last race of the event got red flagged in the eighth lap due to an accident and the podium was composed of almost the same riders: first place went to Dutch DEVON VERMEULEN (KTM), second place went to PETR VORLICEK (HONDA) while CHRIS HODGSON (KTM) managed to get himself on the third place.

After first round of the European Championship DEVON VERMEULEN (72 points) managed to impose a lead of 5 points over PETR VORLICEK (67 points), who as well makes a statement for in the chase for the title. Third in provisional rankings is EDGARDO BORELLA with 52 points.

Next event is scheduled to take place in Palermo (Italy) on 26-27 of May 2012.

(UEM Press Release 16/2012)