Road Racing

First Round Of The European Hill Climb Road Racing

aboutuemThe first round of a new UEM competition, called the “European Hill Climb Road Racing”, was held this weekend in the beautiful area of Landshaag, Austria.

In total 218 riders were present to race up to the top of the hill for over 3260 meters. The race track has an altitude difference of 981 meter. The track has 21 corners of which 9 to the right and 12 to the left. The weather during the free- and the qualifying practices on Saturday were good and dry, but on Sunday during the qualifying practices there was some light rain. During the two heats there was good weather.

The competition takes place in the following classes: 125/Moto3, 250GP Open, Superstock 600, Supersport, Naked 650, Superstock 1000, Superbike, Supermoto and Sidecars. All riders starts with an interval of 20 seconds and try to make the fastest time.

The absolute fastest time was run during the 2nd qualifying practice on a dry track. It was the Austrian Helmut Schleinhuber who needed only 01.13.145! Second was the Italian Stefano Bonetti who needed 01.15.097.

The fastest times of the two heats on a wet track were by the German Christian Zimmerman with a time of 01.19.553 and 2nd was the Austrian Helmut Schleinhuber with 01.20.142.

The next and last round is scheduled on the weekend starting the 2nd of September in Gorno-Oneta, near Bergamo (Italy).

(UEM Press Release 15/2012)