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First final of the Individual Speedway EC in Guestrow (Germany)

fim europeThe first Final of the 2014 FIM Europe Speedway European Championship (SEC) took part in Guestrow (Germany) on a very warm and sunny evening of the 6th of July 2014. Nearly 8.000 spectators in a “sold-out” stadium have seen very spectacular and hard speedway races on a high sporting level. The SEC Final has been broadcasted live by EUROSPORT all over the world and was a perfect advertising for European Speedway sport.

The victory went to Nicki Pedersen / Denmark followed by his fellowman Peter Kildemand / Denmark and Janus Kolodziej / Poland. The Final 2 of this exciting and high class Euroean Championship will be in Togliatti / Russia on 20th July 2014.


 Download here FIM Europe Press Release 111/2014