First day of the Enduro European Championship in Ourem-Fatima (Portugal)

aboutuemFor the first time in this year, a local rider wins the overall-classification at the European Enduro Championship. Luis Oliveira from Portugal won in front of his countryman Diego Ventura and the English rider Tom Sagar. Fourth became Italian rider Gianluca Martini in front of his countryman Maurizio Micheluz, the leading man in the championship.

Junior Ventura won also his class and is on the way to the title. Same with Tom Sagar in the E2-class, who made a bigger gap in the championship.

Only winner Oliveira is in the class and in the overall-championship behind Micheluz and cannot become champion by himself – only if Micheluz will make a serious mistake.

Veteran Werner Müller from Austria won again his class and is able to get his 7th (!) European-Title with only a third place in the next day.

In the Juniors-class up to 20 years it could happen that the leading Nicolas Pellegrinelli gets the title on Saturday too! Even if he is beaten this day by the Swedish rider Oliver Nelson!

The first day of the final of the European Enduro Championship was cloudy and wet! Thus doesn’t make it easier to the riders – the course had to be transformed, because one of the uphills was not to ride in any way.

But at the end of the day the riders did 4 laps, 12 special-tests and they had done more than 50 minutes in all the tests.

Because of the heavy rain the start was moved to 10:00 a.m.

All results, standings and photos also on the Championship website:

(FIM Europe Press Release 156/2013)