First day of European Enduro in Arsiè

The first day of the Enduro European Championship was held yesterday in Arsiè, in Northern Italy.

The town of Arsiè is not far from Belluno, in a plain surrounded by mountains in the north of Lake Corlo, an artificial lake created in 1954 blocking the Cismon river along the slopes of Monte Grappa for the production of electrical energy. In the first day of competition, in the main town square 231 riders started the race at 9.00. Two the special tests: one cross (to cover three times) and one timed enduro test (to cover two times), for a total of five special test.

It was a day to remember for Italian enduro, as Italian riders won in seven of the nine classes:

  • In the E1 Senior Alessio Paoli (250 4T Suzuki) imposed himself in front of the Polish Szuster Michael (TM 250 4T) and the German Andreas Beier (KTM 250 4T).
  • The E2 Senior saw the domination of Diego Nicoletti (Beta 450 4T). Second place for the Belgian Cedric Cremer (KTM 350 4T) and third English Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna TE 310).
  • Three Italians in the first four positions of E3 Senior. In this class had the best Mirko Gritti (KTM 300 2T), the oldest son of the “legendary” Alessandro Gritti, European and Italian Enduro Champion in the seventies and eighties. Mirko Gritti conquered the overall victory too. Behind him there is Maurizio Micheluz (HM-Honda 500 4T), the reigning European Champion. Third place for Dutch Amel Advokaat (KTM 500 4T), while Maurizio Facchin (Husqvarna TE 310) finished fourth.
  • Four Italian riders in the top five of E1 Junior. The victory went to Davide Roggeri (250 4T Suzuki) in front of Jacopo Cerutti (TM 250 4T). Third place for the Swedish Martin Larsson (Husaberg 125 2T), fourth for Thomas Montanari (KTM 250 4T) and fifth for Luca Rovelli (KTM 125 2T).
  • The E2/3 Junior saw the confirmation of Gianluca Martini (Beta 500 4T). The Italian rider of Lunigiana Team came before the Slovak Thomas Hostinsky (Husaberg 250 2T) and the Polish Pawel Szymkowski (Husaberg 250 2T).
  • In Junior “Under 20” class won Guido Conforti (Yamaha 125 2 stroke). Behind the Tuscan rider the Swedish Olivier Nelson (KTM 125 2T) and the Italian Riccardo Crippa (Yamaha 125 2 stroke).
  • All “Made in Italy” the 50cc 2T class with ten riders at the arrival. At the end Jordi Gardiol (Valenti) had the best. Behind him Federico Aresi (HM), Matteo Merli (Beta), Corrado Romaniello (Beta), Andrea Manarin (Valenti).
  • Veteran class saw the confirmation of the Austrian Werner Muller (KTM 500 4T) in front of the Czech Zdenek Gottwald (TM 300 2T) and the German Patrick Hess (BMW 450 4T).
  • In Woman Class won the German Heike Petrick (KTM 350 4T). With a gap of over a minute there is the Finnish Marita Nyqvist (Yamaha 125 2 stroke), while third finished the Slovakian Zuzana Gaherova (Yamaha 250 4T).

Full results of the two days will be dispatched as soon as the results of the second day will be available.

More infos on the official website of the Championship: