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Final of the Team Speedway EC in Landshut

aboutuemThe final of the UEM Under 21 Team Speedway Junior European Championship was held yesterday the 8th of September 2012 in the wonderful setting of Landshut in Bavaria (Germany) on a warm sunny evening.

The race meeting which consisted of four teams from Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Denmark was very competitive and the young riders put up a great show of strength throughout the event.

The 2500 spectators witnessed some very exciting racing with some of the heats being too close to call, with riders overtaking and re overtaking before the reaching the final flag.

Once the scores were finalised and agreed, the new 2012 European Under 21 Team Speedway Champions were Poland, with 48 points, 2nd was Denmark with 41 points and Ukraine in third place.

Everyone who attended the event agreed that it was a very good championship final with the young riders showing great determination and good team spirit.

(UEM Press Release 139/2012)