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FIM Sustainability Week

FIM Sustainability Week

As every year, the FIM Europe family is preparing to celebrate the United Nations World Environment Day, an opportunity to celebrate our achievements in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

This event has grown more and more with the passing of the years and now more than ever shows its importance given the worsening of the global situation of the environment mainly linked to the greenhouse effect but not only. This year the world of motorcycling, integral part of human activities, has decided to take a step forward compared to past by not limiting itself to the day celebration, but by extending this period of awareness on the need to make its activities more sustainable. With this in mind, the FIM has called the FIM Sustainability Week for the period between May 31st and June 6th.

In the wake of this initiative, the FIM Europe also invites the federations that recognize themselves in it and all the other players (organizers, teams, drivers, officers, sponsors) to participate in it with initiatives not limited only to the events that will take place in the weekend but to celebrate this whole week of awareness through conferences, in presence where possible or remotely, webinars, studies and surveys on topics related to sustainability.

The theme of WED 2021 is Ecosystem Restoration which can take on different aspects, planting and caring for trees, making our structures greener, cleaning the environments in which motorcycling carries out its activity, etc. Our initiative, however, in addition to these aspects, cannot ignore other very important issues for sustainability, such as the reduction of the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, the reduction in the use of plastic, the preservation of biodiversity, the protection of our waters, etc.

Happy Sustainability week to all.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President
“In this time of the year the United Nations celebrate the World Environment Day.
Our Environment Commission is working in close cooperation with the FIM International Sustainability Commission. In all regulations the commissions are paying attention to all aspects of the world around us: not only during this week, but in all decisions concerning Motor Cycling and Motor Sport, FIM Europe tries to find the balance between activities and sustainability strategies. As International Motorcycling Federation we are aware of our duties and to contribute to the sustainability of our sport and activities. As organization in contact with many National Federations we make use of the knowledge of all of us, including the results of all kind of scientific studies to help and advise us to achieve the best results”.

Mr. Adamo Leonzio, Chairman Environment Commission
“I’m happy with the decision approved by the Board of Directors at the request of the FIM Sustainability Commission to give life to the FIM Sustainability Week. As Chairman of the FIM Europe Environment Commission I strongly support this initiative. I invite all the Federations, the promoter and the organizers to participate and share their enthusiasm by organizing activities that can contribute to the sustainability of our sport and share photos, videos and documents with us”.