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FIM Europe welcomes action in favour of safer motorcycling by Brussels

Sweden streetOn 14th July the European Parliament transport committee voted on a report (and amendments) that will revise the 2011 White Paper on Transport.

This statement was adopted:
“Motorcycles play a significant role in sustainable mobility, especially in urban areas where they contribute to tackling congestion and parking problems”.
They certainly do in Rome where 700,000 are in regular use, and in Barcelona which has the second largest parc of powered two wheelers after Rome. In north European cities too there is increasing use of motorcycles.
So what does the European Parliament propose? A White paper is a framework that sets the agenda. Parliament wants action to improve roads. Not just the highways, but urban and rural roads where ninety percent of fatal collisions occur.    
Other proposals include improved driver training for professional drivers, and promotion of post licence training for all road users. – FIM Europe welcomes this as many of our federations promote additional training for riders. It is good that at last this type of work is getting recognition.  
Dangerous offenders who commit traffic offences when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who are involved in aggressive behaviour, should be subject to medical and psychological tests before being allowed back on the road.
These and other measures in the report of Dutch MEP Wim van de Camp (who led the discussions) will now be put to a full Parliament session in Strasbourg. – Mr van de Camp knows what he is talking about as he is also a motorcyclist!
“I am very happy that the importance of motorcycles is recognized in this paper”, stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. “FIM Europe will continue the efforts in Brussels, where legislation is made. We simply need to have a strong role in this process”.