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FIM Europe Vintage Commission News

Vintage Road Racing
Croatia’s Grobnik circuit will host the only remaining event of the 2020 European Vintage Road Race calendar. The meeting will be held over the weekend 18th – 20th September in Rijeka. Free practice will start on Friday followed by races on Saturday and Sunday.
Supplementary regulations and entries will be available shortly on the FIM Europe website.
ICGP races will also be held at the Grobnik meeting. This will be the first ICGP race since Valencia in March after which the season was interrupted by Covid 19.

Vintage Endurance Cup
There will be a Vintage Endurance race at Italy’s Misano Circuit on 9th-10th October. As this is the only Vintage Endurance Cup event of 2020, the race will decide the 2020 Vintage Endurance Championship.

Vintage Hill Climb Championship
Just one race remaining in the Vintage Hill Climb calendar: Isola del Liri, Italy, on 18th October.

Vintage Motocross
Two events: the first one on 19th-20th September at Mladina, Croatia, followed a week later at Cardo Asturias, Spain.

Vintage Enduro
At the moment, two races are foreseen. One on 10th-11th October in Fontanals, Spain, and one in Le Combelle, France on 1st November.