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FIM Europe President participated to the FIM Board of Directors

FIM announces its decisions in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Today, 5 March 2022, the FIM Europe President participated to the FIM Board of Directors, held in an extraordinary meeting in relation to the situation in Ukraine. After having carefully considered the International Olympic Committee recommendations and the specificity of our sport, the Board of Directors has unanimously condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Henceforth the following provisional urgent and protective decisions have been taken which are effective immediately and stay in force until further notice.

  • To suspend, for the Motorcycle Federation of Russia (MFR) and the Belarusian Federation of Motorcycle Sport (BFMS), the issuance of FIM/FIM Europe licences and the FIM/FIM Europe licences already distributed. To suspend the functions of persons from MFR and BFMS acting as FIM/FIM Europe Officials and as Commissions members/experts/agents of the FIM/FIM Europe. As a result, no Russian and Belarusian riders, teams and officials can take part in any FIM/FIM Europe Events and activities.
  • To suspend the registration of and to cancel all FIM/FIM Europe Events such as meetings, races and prize events taking place in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and, if applicable, to relocate these events to another country.
  • To interrupt any other FIM/FIM Europe activities including but not limited to seminars, commissions meetings, training camps taking place in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Hoping this tragic moment will soon come to an end, the entire FIM Europe thoughts are with the people suffering the consequences of the present situation.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President

“The FIM Europe Executive Board is standing behind the FIM Decision. We all live in sympathy with the suffering inhabitants of Ukraine and wish them a peaceful future. The decisions announced today are taken in the interest of sport and peace, following the international Olympic Committee. We will watch the developments with great sadness and hope for a prompt and good resolution for the attacked nation”.