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FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council in Rome Fiumicino (Italy)

On Saturday 19th January, the FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council was held in Rome/Fiumicino (Italy), following  the Non-Sporting Commission Meetings: the Environment Commission chaired by Mr. Adamo Leonzio,  the Touring Commission  chaired by Mr. Nils Freivalds, the Public Affairs Commission chaired by Mr. Dimitris Margaritis and the Marketing, Promotion & Industry Commission chaired by Mr. Blagoja Petrovski.

The work has progressed smoothly and the results were shared and discussed together with the 2nd Deputy President,  Mr. Silvio Manicardi.

Mr. Manicardi quote: “Some of the points discussed during the Commission meetings have a high interest for the  good and smooth progress of our activities. I hope that all our world will follow closely the changes that are occurring, in order to be ready to tackle new possible challenges”.

Also the FIM Europe acting President, Mr. Martin de Graaff, was present at all meetings and reported:

“In all Commissions, future items fast changing the motorcycle worlds are important issues and must be followed closely.  Public  Affairs permanent work is of primary importance, as well as good contacts with stakeholders and decision makers in Brussels, in order not to be forgotten by the politicians.

In this regard, the communication between our Federations has to be improved, because FMNs must be actively involved in this process”.



The participants of the Non-Sporting Council in Rome/ Fiumicino (Italy)


Public Affairs Commission, chaired by Mr. Dimitris Margaritis

Public Affairs Commission, chaired by Mr. Dimitris Margaritis


One the  22nd January 2019, the EU Parliament – at the Committee stage – will agree a text on the review of the EU Motor Insurance Directive. FIM Europe is confident that this will exclude motorcycle racing from the scope of the revised law. During this meeting, the FIM Europe Public Affairs Commission was concerned to note that the Socialist Group in the EU Parliament is still calling for motorcycle racing to be included.

Commenting, Mr. Dimitris Margaritis said:

“We agree with the report. The extension of road insurance onto the race track whether it is for car or motorcycle racing makes no sense. This is the effect of the judgment in the Vnuk case which was litigated in front of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the highest Court in the European Union. It makes no sense that the EU Commission is attempting to incorporate this decision – and that in other cases – into the revised law.”

The FIM Europe Public Affairs Commission is also concerned about a case in Portugal that also reached the level of a decision in the ECJ. This would require continuous payment for road insurance for all vehicles whether in use or not. This would penalise collectors and those riders who cancel road insurance in winter time when not using their motorcycle. The EU Parliament is also addressing this, but the Commission is not convinced on the text they propose. FIM Europe may have to address this again, after the elections in Europe in May 2019.

FIM Europe is getting more and more involved in research activities that contribute to system development for enhancing the safety of the rider. Last example of such collaboration is the participation of FIM in the PIONEERS research project, funded under the framework of the EC Horizon2020. FIM was invited to participate in the Advisory Group, which will consult the consortium during the 3 years duration of the project. The aim of the European Project PIONEERS (Protective Innovations of New Equipment for Enhanced Rider Safety) is to reduce the number of Powered Two Wheeler fatalities and severely injured, by increasing the safety, performance, comfort and usage rate of Personal Protective Equipment and the development of new on-board safety devices (


Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission, chaired by Mr. Blagoja Petrovski

Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission, chaired by Mr. Blagoja Petrovski

 Quote of the Chairman:

“Marketing, Promotion & Industry Commission (MPIC) had a successful first meeting this year. Many interesting subjects were opened and, from discussion, we can tell that it is a very good year to be announced. As a main priority, MPIC points to a complete revision of all social media channels and campaigns of FIM Europe.  This revision will represent a great boost to image of FIM Europe and of all sport and beyond sport activities in Europe. Various steps will be taken in this direction and results will be visible very soon.

Another main subject that the Commission will treat is the project of the  “Motorcycle Friendly Hotels” that will be revised and promoted soon together with the Touring Commission.

Moreover,  as a direct help to organizers of events around Europe,  MPIC will work on a project called Event Tool Kit, a tool that will be distributed to all Federations, to be at disposal of any organizer who would like to create professional announcement and promotion of the organized events.


Touring Commission, chaired by Mr. Nils Freivalds

Touring Commission, chaired by Mr. Nils Freivalds

The Chairman quote:

“I would like to express an appreciation to all the Commission Members, for their intensive work and sharing ideas on mototourism development. Our Commission has two new Members and I am happy to see their determination and involvement in Commission’s work. We are planning already the third Tour Assistant Training Course this year in Istanbul/Turkey and we hope it will be a success again.

I also appreciate Mr. Jukka Lainkari’s initiative to transfer Tour Assistant training concept to the Snowmobile Tour Assistant training, that will be organized in Finland already in February.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the Non-Sporting Council Chairman, Mr. Silvio Manicardi, for enabling us to share our thoughts and to develop a tight cross-Commission partnership and especially we appreciate the Marketing Commission for taking on and supporting the FIM Europe activities”.


Environment Commission, chaired by Mr. Adamo Leonzio

Environment Commission, chaired by Mr. Adamo Leonzio

 The Chairman quote:

“The meeting of the environment commission held last Saturday at Fiumicino, can be considered a meeting to set up its work for the next four years.

In fact, a series of new initiatives have been put on the table to be developed, some in the immediate future, others during the next four years.

As part of the initiatives to be developed immediately, there are the development of a close collaboration with the European Environmental Stewards and the creation of an educational path for young riders.  In those to be developed over the four-year period, research among National and World  Federations of technical innovations, of examples of environment friendly initiatives and devices so to increase the number of documents in the two sections of the existing online Commission page, “Environmental Highlights” and “What’s New in Environment”. It has also been planned the identification and awarding of a recognition for events conducted in an exemplary manner, the identification of funding channels for the environmental growth of permanent circuits.

Obviously, of the various initiatives individuated, only a small part will be developed independently by the Environmental Commission, while for most of them, collaboration with other FIM Europe Commissions, both sporting and non-sporting, will be important.

I would like to conclude expressing my personal satisfaction in seeing how all the Commission Members enthusiastically participated in the discussion and that the two new Members have already integrated themselves into the committee by participating actively in the work”.