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FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions Meetings

FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions Meetings

FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions meetings took place face-to-face at the FIM Europe headquarters in Fiumicino (Rome) and via videoconference yesterday, Saturday 22nd January 2022.

Besides the commission’s members, the meetings were also attended by the FIM Europe President Mr. Martin de Graaff and the 2nd Deputy President Mr. Silvio Manicardi. Also present the Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco together with Silvia Monatti and Andrea Diamantini, responsible for non-sporting matters in the office.

At the end of the meetings the chairmen came together to point out the outcome of the meetings to the President of the Non-Sporting Council, Mr Silvio Manicardi.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President

“The meetings of the Non-Sporting Commissions and of the Non-Sporting Council could not take place in presence in Fiumicino, as we organized the Sporting meetings in October and November, because of the limited travel possibilities caused by the pandemic. Therefore, they have been organized by Zoom videoconference. In the morning of the 22nd January, the Deputy-President Silvio Manicardi and me followed all Commissions while, in the afternoon session, the Commission Chairmen were connected again for the Beyond-Sporting Council. In all Commissions we noticed limited activities on certain tasks because of Covid, but however with a positive view on the future, with several plans and ideas presented by all of them. For the new mandate, after the Congress in Bucharest, we have to reconsider the duties of these Commissions and the cooperation with the relative FIM Commissions. In fact, a lot of items are important not only for motorcyclists in Europe, but worldwide. In Europe, we face special problems in the different Countries caused by the sound level and other legal problems. The Commissions are aware of their tasks and try to work for motorcyclists in the daily traffic and for the motor tourists. Hopefully, we can come together in presence at the next FIM Europe Congress in July. We are grateful to all volunteers of these Commissions for what they achieved for the European motorcyclists”.

Silvio Manicardi, 2nd Deputy President

“As responsible of the Non-Sporting Commission I am very satisfied by the work done in the actual difficult circumstances. In particular the work in Brussels has never stopped and we could have success in a couple of potentially dangerous decision both for our sport and mobility. The total revision of the online environmental check list and the off-line and on-line promotional kit that will be ready soon are good achievements. The decision to confirm the Tour Assistant Training in the second part of the year in Barcelona and the study to have an additional location in Northern Europe gives continuity to a successful activity of the commission. We hope to see each other in person at the next congress in Bucharest to be able to restart also the personal relationship that are so important for our work”.

Environment Commission

During the meeting, the Commission examined various aspects of the activity of the last semester but above all it did a preparatory work not only for the time that separates us from the next congress, but above all by continuing to prepare a strategic plan for the next four-year period 2022- 2026

Mr. Adamo Leonzio, ChairmanEnvironment Commission

“Despite the pandemic that has stopped all the commission’s on-site activities, I can only be satisfied with the work done by the commission in the search and preparation of the documents to be used in the activity and above all in the preparation of a strategic plan for the next four years in the hope that this limiting situation will end soon”.

Touring Commission

The Touring Commission had a committed and professional discussion albeit held virtually. All the members are optimistic for the upcoming season: calendars are fully scheduled and most of the FMN organizers are looking forward to a normalized touring season. The Commission and the Non-Sporting Council agreed to work on and plan the 3rd Tour Assistant Training in Barcelona, Spain, that would eventually be held in September or October after the high touring season is over.

Mr. Nils Freivalds, Chairman Touring Commission

“It was a great pleasure to meet and share views with the Commission members at least via Zoom platform. Members shared their concerns about the pandemic that has greatly impacted the hospitality sector, including motorcycle tourism. There are some very positive examples, for instance Finland, where there is a high and overwhelmingly busy snowmobiling and winter season attracting over 200 thousand visitors to the Northern region in Finland just in December. The annual FIM Europe Congress planning is in progress and we are all looking forward to having our next meeting in physical presence in Bucharest, Romania”.

Public Affairs Commission

The Commission made a sum up of the activities of the last year, with special focus on the last semester. Topics such as the EC Urban Mobility Plan, the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive, the ACEM conference and the new Driving License Directive have been discussed during the 2.5hours meeting. One of the discussion items was again the Road Safety and Mobility Conference. It was decided to postpone the Conference for a year, due to still some uncertainty for a physical or not meeting in 2022, with a quite interesting topic to be considered in 2023 FIM Europe Congress.

Mr. Dimitris Margaritis, Chairman Public Affairs Commission

Once again, it was a very interesting discussion for several items that are of interest for motorcycling in Europe and beyond. Some of them are on hold because of COVID, however taking into account the positive messages of the pandemic, many things will progress in parallel and we have to be prepared for the appropriate lobbying actions with the EC and the local authorities. The hard work for the OECD ITF Motorcyclists Safety Workshop comes to an end. The report has been issued by the Swedish VTI and is currently waiting for the final approval by ITF OECD. The exemption of race vehicles from the Motor Vehicle Insurance Directive is a great success that we really should be proud of. FIM and FIM Europe had a major contribution to this result. Now, it is up to our FMNs to lobby with their national governments in order to include the new rule in their national law by 23/12/2023″. 

Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission

The Commission faced new promoting ideas such as the Web TV, Podcast and Instagram live streaming. The main topic was the “Event Promotion Tool Kit”, that is in the end phase of preparation and will be distributed to all FMNs. This booklet is a guidance of how event organizers should promote events.

Mr. Blagoja Petrovski, Chairman Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission

“The Commission had a productive meeting, working on some current project as the “Event Promotion Tool Kit”. New ideas came out for the future as Web TV, Podcast and Instagram live streaming as interesting new approaches to promote future FIM Europe”.