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FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions

FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions

Wishing to show its strong commitment to the resumption of non-sporting activities even the ongoing of the Covid-19 pandemic, the second session of the FIM Europe Non-Sporting Commissions took place on Saturday 17th via videoconference.

Besides the commission’s members, the virtual meetings were also attended by the 2nd Deputy President Mr. Silvio Manicardi, Silvia Monatti and Andrea Diamantini, responsible for non-sporting matters in the office.

At the end of the meetings the chairmen came together to point out the outcome of the meetings to the President of the Non-Sporting Council Mr Silvio Manicardi.

Silvio Manicardi, 2nd Deputy President

“For the second time this year we had to meet via videoconference. All the Commissions have the occasion to discuss the agenda and made some new proposals: it has been a good occasion to share experience and update the work done by each member. At the end of the Commissions each Chairman had the chance the present the results of their discussions and share it with the President too. Once more, many ideas came out on how to improve FIM Europe activities. We all hope to meet in presence next time”.


Environment Commission

The commission examined the activity of the first half of the year, unfortunately only online (search for documents and activities carried out by the organizers during the events) or didactic (participation in CID FIM seminars to expose the point of view of FIM Europe on the subject environmental) due to the restrictions. Furthermore, the situation was assessed on the online checklists and the response of the FMNs regarding the sustainability week was analyzed. Next year there will be the renewal of the commission for the four-year period 2022-2026. For this reason, the Commission have decided to start analyzing the future of the commission in the light of the great changes in environmental sustainability that the industry promises, starting with electric mobility, so as to leave a trace to the new commission that will take office on what his future business could be.

Mr. Adamo Leonzio, Chairman Environment Commission

“The persistence of the situation linked to COVID 19 has already limited the activity of the Commission by removing all practical activity during the events and, to my great disappointment, the situation will continue into the second half of 2021. Despite this, I’m satisfied with the work of documents research and didactic activities done by the commission from the beginning of the year so far. Also the decision of the commission concerning its future activity, aiming to leave a path to be followed in the coming four years, I believe that fully satisfy the spirit and the duties of the Environmental Commission”.


Touring Commission

Productive time for the Touring Commission. The current situation does not guarantee there will be enough participants from various European countries, therefore the Commission decided to postpone and promote the Tour Assistant training for the next year and involve National Federations to delegate their representatives in Touring to plan this Training ahead.

In light of recent EU policies regarding emissions reduction, the FIM finance research project Touring with Alternative Fuel (AF) PTWs is just in time and it will kick off very soon. Commission members are committed to contribute and support researchers’ work to analyze what are the touring requirements and what optimal solutions should be provided to enable motorcycle travel in a post fossil fuel era, so to speak.

Concerning the events reserved to the FIM Europe members to improving relationships: the Commission is confident about the FIM Europe Tour event in Carinthia in late September; moreover, the Commission member Jukka Lainkari from Finland, has done most of the planning for organizing a Snowmobile tour during the week from March 15 to March 20 in Rovaniemi, Northern part of Finland next year, which also has been impacted by the Pandemic and postponed twice.


Mr. Nils Freivalds, Chairman Touring Commission

“The Commission exchanged the latest COVID matters that is the main cause of new situation in the world, of course, and consequently, all members provided updates on their touring activities at their National Federations/Countries. Some of the countries are stricter on travelling, some are less but there are tours organized, which is the good news. Understanding the current situation and Covid variant spread after long discussions on “pros and cons”, it has been decided to postpone the 3rd Tour Assistant training to the Spring of 2022. We are optimistic and hope that FIM Europe Tour event in Carinthia, Austria and Slovenia in a very scenic mountain area will be organized on September 23-26, 2021, and we hope it will turn out to be a great event for the Tour participants. We also hope to see the Snowmobile tour in Finland next year”.


Public Affairs Commission

The agenda contained several items discussed by the participants. The commission started with the EU revision of the Motor Insurance Directive and the positive outcome of the exemption that covers most practice and competition activities within a demarcated area. However, it requires that a 3rd party liability insurance for non-participants should be in place, but this is already a requirement for the FIM events. There is still an important issue to be examined such as what happens with immobile or incomplete vehicles (e.g. in museums or in boxes). The commission also addressed the “Fit-for-55 Package”, presented on 14th July. It includes 12 proposals, whereas the most relevant ones relate to CO2 emission standards for cars, vans and heavy-duty vehicles. Surprisingly, there is no reference to PTWs in the report. Of course, this does not mean that “Fit for 55” will not affect motorcycles. The 90% reduction in CO2 exhaust gasses refers to all road transport modes, including motorcycles. The commission members dedicated the longest part of their discussion to the OECD ITF “Motorcyclists Safety Workshop: Riding in a Safe System”, started on 9th June (including a contribution from the FIM President) and has not concluded yet. There has been some significant debate between sessions via email and instant messaging until an agreement to a set of recommendations.

Mr. Dimitris Margaritis, Chairman Public Affairs Commission

“Under the circumstances with the COVID-19, I’m very satisfied how the group operates. There were several issues that we have addressed. We are really happy for the positive outcome with regard the EU revision of Motor Insurance Directive and the exemption of practice and competition events. It’s a joint success of several people effort that fought for this result. We also discussed the outcome of the OECD ITF Motorcyclists Safety Workshop. There were different opinions among the Workshop participants which is actually the purpose of such an event: to listen to people opinion who represent different sectors and interests in transport. FIM and FIM Europe believes that it was a very successful event. It was a message to the non-motorcycling world that we are aware of all issues and we are open for thoughtful discussions and practical / easy to implement recommendations that will contribute to the sustainably of powered two wheelers”.


Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission

Continuing the work of the previous meeting, the main topic faced by the Commission was the updating of the “Event Promotion Tool Kit” -a guidance of how event organizers should promote events-, already published on the FIM Europe website and distributed to all FMNs. This key tool will be further updated considering the fast development of the communication. Also the social media network were subject matter for discussion.

Mr. Blagoja Petrovski, Chairman Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission

“The Commission had the opportunity to further discuss the project “Event Promotion Tool kit”, that will be soon updated in order to keep up with the communication changes. Another point was the Social Media Channel that the FIM Europe uses to communicate with its audience”.