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FIM Europe Management Council met in Fiumicino

FIM Europe Management Council met in Fiumicino

From left: Rodolfo Romeo, Francesco Carmelo Mezzasalma, Josè Ramon Garcia, Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora (FIM Europe President), Roy N. Wetterstad, Juhani Halme, Manuel Marinheiro, Nicoleta Olariu, Stijn Rentmeesters, Jean Marc Desnues.

The Management Council met face to face for its last meeting of the year in Fiumicino, Rome, on the 13th of December.

It was a long day with a lot of topics to discuss. During the meeting the usual points were on the agenda, including the Reports of the President, 1st and 2nd Deputy Presidents, Treasurer, Vice Presidents and Secretary General.

After the Sporting Commissions’ Meetings of October and November, many proposals were presented by Manuel Marinheiro, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President and Chairman of the SportingCouncil.

The Beyond-Sporting Commissions’ meetings will take place in Fiumicino in mid-January.

Michal Sikora, FIM Europe President

“We had met on final Management Council of the year. For new members of MC it was the first visit in FIM Europe office. During the busy day with full agenda, we had a chance to evaluate various proposals after Commissions’ meetings. We had also a chance to talk about activities during next year and first drafts of the calendar. Finally, we had a pleasure to appoint honorary members who will be awarded during next FIM Europe Congress in Zaragoza”.