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FIM Europe Management Council at Chorzów (Poland)

Today the 2nd Management Council of the new mandate has taken place at the Hotel Diament at Chorzów, Poland, thanks to the perfect organisation granted by the Polish Federation (PZM).
Also in this occasion the Management Council meeting has been combined with an important motorcycling event: the final round of the Speedway Euro Championship in Chorzów.Above, from left, Silvio Manicardi, Jan Stovicek, Silvia Monatti, Nicoleta Olariu, Michal Sikora, Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General, Martin de Graaff, Martins Lazdovskis and Juhani Halme. 

The Management Council following the elections is always dedicated to appoint the Members of the Sporting and Non-Sporting Commissions, as well as the ones of the Medical Panel.
Besides the aforesaid task, it must be highlighted the decision which was taken to create a working group for the revision of the FIM Europe Statutes. Martin de Graaff and Silvio Manicardi

The FIM Europe President, Dr. Wolfgang Srb, was not able to attend, due to a seasonal malaise and therefore the meeting was chaired by the 1st Deputy President, Martin de Graaff, who declared:
The atmosphere of the Management Council was very good. The main items in agenda were the appointments of Chairmen and Members of all Commissions and the creation of a working group, in order to start preparing the new Statutes as from January 2019”.Jan Stovicek, Juhani Halme and Michal Sikora

“I am sure that the confirmed and the new appointed Chairmen of the Non-Sporting Commissions will be able to face all challenges that will come in the next four years”, added the 2nd Deputy President, Silvio Manicardi. “One of these challenges will surely be the EU Motor Insurance Directive (MID), which could represent a potential risk affecting the motorcycle users”.

From left, Alessandro Sambuco, Silvia Monatti, Nicoleta Olariu and Martins Lazdovskis

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