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FIM Europe at the FMI Meeting “Motorcycling is a sport”

“Motorcycling is a sport” – this is the title of the conference that was held today in Rome at the CONI Hall of Honor, during which some issues and problems were discussed affecting the world of motorcycling, besides the connection between FMI and the world of institutions.
All this was witnessed by the presence of guests such as Minister of Sport Luca  Lotti, the CONI president Giovanni Malagò, the FMI President Giovanni Copioli, along with institutional representatives who have established a connection with FMI, such as the Head of Department of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio, the Head of Firemen, Gioacchino Giomi, the former Head of the State Forestry Corps Cesare Patrone, the Carabinieri Lieutenant General Luigi Longobardi.

Roma 13 aprile 2017. Coni. Premiazione motociclismo  uno sport © Francesco Vignali per Zac
Rome 13 April 2017. CONI. Motorcycling is a sport © Francesco Vignali for Zac

In the photo, from the left: Cesare Patrone (former Head of the State Forestry), Gioacchino Giomi (Head of National Firemen), Giovanni Copioli (FMI President), Luca Lotti (Minister of Sport), Giovanni Malagò (CONI President), Fabrizio Curcio (Head of Department of Civil Protection).
Awards were handed to the FMI Volunteers who with their snowmobiles provided services during the earthquake-weather emergency that struck central Italy in January.
During the event, FMI President Giovanni Copioli said: “Motorcycling is a social sport and it is not a coincidence that we have been greeted by the Civil Protection and Firemen. The motorcyclists that we represent do respect laws and the environment, and this is why we ask politicians for changes to the Rules of the Road and also to the Off Road Rules, and we ask the associations for dialogue”.
The FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco was also attending the event. “I would like to emphasize the positive example represented by the FMI, which has succeeded in being recognized as a major player in the social field, putting volunteers and means at disposal in the organization of the Civil Protection. These social activities combined with a growing awareness of the environment can only lead to improve public understanding about our Sport and to positive changes in the performance of sports activities”.


In the second row, from the left, Alessandro Sambuco, the General Manager of Mugello Circuit Paolo Poli and the Managing Director of Misano Circuit Andrea Albani.

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