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FIM Europe and FEMA together in favour of Motorcyclists­­

The Spring meeting of the Working Group between FIM Europe and the Federation of European Motorcyclist’s Associations (FEMA) was held in Rome (Italy) on March 21st and 22nd.
The Group, with the intention of carrying forward the requests of motorcycle users, has focused on some topics of common interest to bring them to the attention of the European institutions and to raise awareness among as many motorcyclists as possible.

From left, Rolf Frieling (FEMA), John Chatterton Ross (FIM Europe), Silvio Manicardi (FIM Europe Second Deputy President) Francesca Marozza (Working Group Chairman), Ian Churchlow (FEMA), FMI President Giovanni Copioli, Maria Nordqvist (FEMA), Dolf Willigers (FEMA General Secretary), Jesper Christensen (FIM Europe)

The work took place in the offices of the Italian Motorcycling Federation, where its President Giovanni Copioli and the Secretary General Alberto Rinaldelli welcomed the delegation, while the following day the working group moved to the offices of FIM Europe.
Among the topics covered, the performance of semi-automatic vehicles and self-driving cars and their impact on vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists, since the tests show that they are not always visible and yet less perceptible.

The meeting in the FIM Europe office of Rome (Italy)

The Working Group then analyzed the innovations regarding the new standards being defined to test motorcycle protections, the evolution of electric vehicles in the world of motorcycles, and critical issues regarding infrastructures.
The FIM new platform dedicated to motorcycling and road safety expertsn was presented ( Finally, the program of the Mobility and Road Safety Conference was presented, which will be held at the end of June in Nantes, on the occasion of the FIM Europe Congress.
During the two days, the delegates visited the traffic operations center of the Municipality of Rome (photo3).

 “The FIM Europe / FEMA meetings continue with the aim of harmonizing in the best possible way the various positions on the different topics to bring the demands of the powered two-wheeler world to the main meeting tables at European level where both mobility and road-safety are discussed”, stated Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Second Deputy President.

“Taking the opportunity of having FIM Europe and FEMA meeting in Rome, and considering the good relationships with the local Authorities, a meeting was organised with the Agenzia della Mobilità di Roma Capitale (Mobility Agency of the City of Rome). During the meeting the technical representatives of the Agency introduced problems and solutions of handling traffic in the Municipality of Rome, which has over 4 million inhabitants and the largest concentration of powered two-wheels in Europe, with over 600,000 units”.


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