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FIM Europe Environment Commission Meeting in Warsaw (Poland)

The first meeting of the year of the FIM Europe Environment Commission was held last weekend in Warsaw (Poland).
On Friday, the Commission made a revue of the activity of the Commission itself during the second part of the 2017 and the two first months of 2018 analysing the visit in site, the situation with the online check list program and the Green Class held during the FIM CIE Seminar in Frankfurt and Rome.

The FIM Europe Environment Commision, chaired by Adamo Leonzio
Moreover, to continue the change of the Commission objective, from control to proposal and help, the new program called “What’s new in Environment” was deeply analysed. The Commission decided to concentrate in this program all the news in environment with a technical value and to start with a new project called “Environmental Highlights” dedicated to all the activities related to the environment made by organizers, Federations, and other bodies involved in the Motorsport world.
The Commission also planned the day by day activity from today up to next meeting which will be held during the FIM Europe Congress in Nantes.
On Saturday, the Commission joined the FIM CIE Seminar to hold a Green Class dedicated to show to the participants the activity made by the Commission and the way in which they have to act when operating as Environmental Stewards in FIM Europe Events. The Green Class was quite important and saw the attendance of 40 participants coming from 15 different Federations.
Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Second Deputy President and Chairman of the Non-Sporting Council, stated: “I am particularly pleased that in addition to the enviable work that is being done to ensure respect for the environment in the various competitions of FIM Europe, the Environment Commission also intends to focus on news with a technical value, with the ‘Environmental Highlights’, so as to increase the know-how of FIM Europe on these aspects, which are so important for the survival of our sport”.