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FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience 2022

FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience 2022 in Rovaniemi, Finland

The FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience 2022 took place in Rovaniemi, Finland, from 15th to 19th March, organized in collaboration with the SML Suomen Moottoriliitto.
The two-year suspension due to the COVID pandemic has made this resume edition a special event even if what is happening in Ukraine has made it difficult to face these days with the necessary good humour.
However, the event was a success in terms of participation and as the development of an articulated and exciting program. The more than twenty participants were able to enjoy the breath-taking views and magical atmospheres evoked by the snow that accompanied the last day of the excursion.
Surely the place of honour as an experience out of the ordinary is assigned to riding a snowmobile, an unusual vehicle for the majority of participants, many of them in their first riding experience. This means, after a necessary moment of addiction, offers the possibility of completely immersing oneself in an environment that is difficult if not impossible for other vehicles.
Coordinating the guides of the SGAF Snowmobile Guide Association Finland was Jukka Lainkari, FIM Europe Touring Commission member and SGAF President and Main Instructor. Having professional and expert guides available to the group, able to guarantee navigation assistance, group management, first aid and assistance for any inconvenience that may occur to snowmobiles is the only solution to fully and safely enjoy excursions in a fascinating but difficult environment.
The accommodation in a comfortable and well-organized Tourist Village just a few minutes from Rovaniemi Airport, the Santa Claus Holiday Village, made relaxing moments at the end of the excursions unique, also thanks to the Finnish saunas that the rooms were equipped with.
The hospitality of the SML was represented by the much appreciated and active participation of President Erkki Heikkinen and Secretary General Ville Salonen. Also present, among others, the former Presidents Juhani Halme and Tapio Nevala.

Erkki Heikkinen, SML President
“The past week has offered a special possibility to raise awareness of snowmobiling to our FIM Europe motorsport and especially non-sport family around the European FMNs. We see these events as an important way to connect with colleagues that share the passion for motorcycling and snowmobiling. It was an honour for Finland to host the FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience 2022 and we hope to build it into a yearly tradition with the FIM Europe and Snowmobile Guide Association of Finland. On the behalf of the Finnish Motorcycling Federation SML, I want to present my thanks to the FIM Europe and to everyone who took part in the event in Rovaniemi!”.

Ville Salonen, SML Secretary General
“The FIM Europe Club Lapland Experience 2022 was finally organized after two years of cancellations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. For an FIM Europe member Country like Finland, located in the far north, we had a great opportunity to connect with representatives of the Nordic countries and our European colleges. Through the event we aim to give a best possible opportunity to safely promote the awareness around snowmobiling as a great way to enjoy riding and the beautiful nature of the North. Also promote snowmobiling as an important part of the motorsports and non-sport community. I want to thank the FIM Europe and all the participants for making this possible and also big thank you to the Snowmobile Guide Association for making it all possible!”.

Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General
“Although for me this is my fourth experience in Lapland, I must say that it is always a great pleasure to share time with Finnish friends. This annual fixture with snowmobiles and the beautiful frames of Lapland is gaining momentum and is seeing growing participation. I believe that everyone in our motorcycle world should have this experience at least once in their life. It is a fairy tale context that also favours in-depth knowledge among the participants. This strengthens the bonds within our organization and stimulates the effectiveness of our work for European Motorcycling”.

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