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FIM Europe Club Experience at Ioannina (Greece)

The fourth experience of the FIM Europe Club took place at Ioannina (Greece) on the weekend of 21-23 September.
This edition, which follows those hosted by Italy, Sweden and France, was organized by AMOTOE and managed by an experienced Staff qualified in the FIM Europe Tour Assistant Courses.

Family picture of the participants

The Staff, led by Panagiotis Kalaitzis, guided the more than twenty participants in an enthralling journey into the beauties of Greece, from the coast to the inside, from the crystalline waters to the monasteries set in the rocks. The inevitable typical food and wine signed the full satisfaction of the participants who were greeted, at the end of the farewell dinner, by President Stelios Korelis with a special dedicated cake celebrating this fourth edition.Above, the AMOTOE Staff. From the left: Theofylos Profylidis, Stelios Korelis, Yasmin Aydin, Ioannis Doulberis and Panagiotis Kalaitzis

“It is a pleasure to see the increasing of the organisation level in these FIM Europe events”, stated Alessandro Sambuco. “Safety in managing the group, care of details in planning the daily tours and technology used for the media documentation of the event were at top level. It will be a challenge for the organisers of the next editions!”
“The organisation in the hands of Amotoe prepared a program with a lot of variety”, added Martin de Graaff. “Nice roads along the coasts of Epirus, but also small roads in the region around Metsovo. Touring in this magnificent Greece landscape demands a high level of concentration. The participants were very satisfied and enjoyed the total program. The great efforts of this team was the example for a touring event like this”.

“Our Federation would like to thank the FIM Europe administration for entrusting us to organise this meeting, and also the participants who honored us with their presence. We are looking forward to the next year’s event, and looking forward to hosting another event in the near future”, stated Stelios Korelis AMOTOE President.

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