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FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council in Rome/Fiumicino (Italy)

The FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council was held today in Rome/Fiumicino (Italy) and was preceded by the four Non-Sporting Commission Meetings: “Public Affairs and Road Safety”, “Environment”, “Marketing, Promoting and Industry” and “Touring”.
“We have evaluated the good work made in 2016, especially in improving our communication strategy, starting from the relaunch of the FIM Europe website, which has been completely renewed and now is very user-friendly, as well as the FIM Europe Magazine, and increasing our presence at European level”, FIM Europe Vice-President Silvio Manicardi stated. “We’ve just finished our meetings and I can inform about excellent results”.
“I’m very satisfied with the results of today”, stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. “The beyond sport activities gain importance and momentum by the day and are an essential second pillar. Political decisions and legislation have an enormous impact on the sport and riding in general, so we have to be as close as possible to these decision makers. We need to join forces with the major players in this field; therefore I am very happy about our close cooperation with FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations). Mr Morten Hansen, chair of the FEMA – FIM Europe co-operation group, was present today and gave valuable inputs”.


Public Affairs and Road Safety Commission, chaired by Jean-Pierre Moreau
The Chairman introduced Mr Morten Hansen, Chair of the FEMA-FIM Europe co-operation group, who was invited to participate to the meeting. Mr Jean-Pierre Moreau was happy to point out that “this cooperation works better and better and gives us the possibility to be stronger”. Among various current questions, the Commission focused on the issue of the motorcycle as part of everyday transport, on clothing standards and Euro 5, which is planned for 2020, new technologies, autonomous vehicles and ITS. The Commission also proposed a new format for the Road Safety Conference to be held in Rome and finished with a discussion on electric motorcycles and electrical assisted bicycles. Electric bicycles include a new category of fast machines which has the same performance as a moped and so is of interest of FIM Europe.


DSC_5738Environment Commission, chaired by Adamo Leonzio
The Commission decided to tighten the relationship with the environmental stewards in two ways: creating a direct contact with them and asking FIM for FIM Europe to participate in the environmental seminars.
Also, the Commission will invite everyone in FIM Europe to follow good example of the Track Racing Commission, which introduced a paragraph about the environment in their code. The Commission will work with the Public Affairs and Road Safety colleagues to ensure that issues that affect the environment by road motorcycles are not forgotten.
The Commission will increase its communications from FIM Europe to the Federations.


DSC_5769Marketing, Promotion and Industry Commission, chaired by Stjin Rentmeesters

The Marketing Commission analysed the new FIM Europe website and prepared proposals for additional features to be added soon. The Commission is working on a video presentation for FIM Europe and planning the launch of an FIM Europe webstore with merchandising. An electronic entry system for all the European sporting events has been proposed too.DSC_5687

DSC_5703Touring Commission, chaired by Nils Freivalds
The Commission has recognized the support provided by the FIM Europe General Secretariat and FIM to run Tour Assistant Training, which has given positive results. There are several cases where the Tour Assistants involved in service provision have been recognized by travel agencies that organize motorcycle tours. FIM Europe Tour Assistant Certificates appear to be valued by travel businesses. Some of the Tour assistants have been engaged to provide motorcycle tours. There is positive news for the year 2017 as well, the Tour Assistant Training will be again supported by FIM financially and the Commission looks forward to another Tour Assistant training in August. A venue in Germany is being sought in order to cover central Europe and engage individuals from Federations in that region.
A Motorcycle Friendly Hotel project is also being developed as the new FIM Europe internet site is more user-friendly and provides the possibility to promote hotels.


FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council

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