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FIM Europe Non Sporting Commissions 2016 Achievements – The analysis of Silvio Manicardi

The 2016 has been a fruitful year for the Non Sporting Commissions. We have asked Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President and Chairman of the Non Sporting Council, to recap the most important achievements.
FIM Europe/FEMA relations
“The 2016 was a very positive year regarding the FIM Europe/FEMA relationship. Some common positions on important issues have been agreed and invitation from both parties to participate to the work of respective organisations has been put in place. FEMA has been invited to the Commission meeting and FIM Europe was invited to participate to the General Assembly of FEMA. Common lobby activity has been agreed”.
FIM Road Safety Award 2016  
“The 2016 World award has been given to the Italian Federation, in the person of Francesca Marozza, recognising the work that in Italy has been done creating also relations with Authorities and Institutions to improve the safety for PTW users. Mrs. Marozza is also a Member of the Commission”.
COST invitation
“The Commission has warmly accepted the invitation from COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) to participate to the programmes of the Powered Two Wheeler Group”.
“During the General Assembly in Kavala (Greece) it has been decided to enlarge the scope of the Commission. Till now the Commission has done a very good job in improving the environmental awareness in all sport disciplines, including the publication of the “Environmental Guidelines”. This work must go on pushing FMNs to be always active in making our sport cleaner and cleaner. This could have an important impact on our sport.
“But it has been recognised that it is time to look at the outside world where the tendency to ask more and more for cleaner vehicles is accelerating.
“All environmental material including Guidelines and all needed documents are downloadable from the renewed FIM Europe website”.

“During the Commission meetings all forms of communication used by FIM Europe have been analysed and in a further meeting at the Office of Rome  some requests have been expressed.
“The new website has taken on board these suggestions.
“After few months of use, the Commission will reconsider updated statistics to evaluate the performance and study eventual improvements”.

Layout 1
“The Magazine would deserve a bigger audience. The link to the magazine has been added on all press releases. It has also been suggested to present on each issue a profile of one Commission including a summary of activities and Members profile to make better known to all our friends who we are and what we do”.

Course for Touring Assistants
“This idea has been developed trough the year and the first course was held in Spain at the beginning of September with the first ten Assistants certified. The Commission is now studying when and where to held the second Course”.
Motorcycle Friendly Hotels
“The program of Motorcycle Friendly Hotels will be fully developed in 2017 using the new functions and opportunities made available by the new FIM Europe website that has been launched in December”.
Limitation of PTW traffic in towns
“The Commission expressed concern about limitation in some major cities in Europe on older bikes to be used in towns. How will tourist on two wheels react if they could not enter in towns to reach the hotels because of these limitations?

“I hope all this work will be appreciated by all our FMNs Family and on January 21st, during the next Non-Sporting Commission Meeting,  we will procede with new idea and targets”, concludes Mr. Manicardi.

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