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FIM Europe Management Council at Fiumicino, Italy

The meeting of the FIM Europe Management Council was held today in Fiumicino, near Rome (Italy).
Among the topics that have been discussed were the Report of the President, the Report of the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, Sporting as well as Non-Sporting questions (Martin de Graaff and Silvio Manicardi) and the Report of the Treasurer Michal Sikora.
“Today’s meeting was one of the most important of the whole year, as the Sporting season 2016 was analysed as well as changes to the Sporting rules and the 2017 calendars were approved”, FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb stated.


From the left Silvia Monatti, Rodolfo Romeo, Juhani Halme, Michal Sikora, Martin de Graaff, Alessandro Sambuco, Dr Wolfgang Srb, Michel Turk,  Nina Birjukova, Jean Marc Desnues, Silvio Manicardi and Jan Stovicek
“The Working Group on ‘Minimum Age in International Motorsport’ has produced excellent results, which have been the basis for the decision at the recently held FIM General Assembly to bring back the 65cc Motocross World Cup. An important input was the expertise of Professor Dr Fabio Pigozzi and Professor Dr Marjan Olfers, who added valuable academic content.
“The economical situation in Europe is still difficult but the work carried out by the European Federations is very good and I’m happy about it.
“FIM Europe is dealing with all aspects of Sport, Non-Sport, training and education. The development of the sport at affordable costs is very high on the agenda.
“Through the strong commitment of thousands of volunteers and a hard work the European Federations could achieve, in general, their objectives”, Dr Srb added.
“Also this year the administration in Rome has carried out a great job and is well-respected service center for all our Federations”, FIM Europe President concluded.



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