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FIM Europe and FEMA Meeting in Rome (Italy)

Yesterday at the FIM Europe office in Rome the periodic meeting between FEMA and FIM Europe was held, to discuss the position papers, which are regularly updated according to the latest information both about market and regulations.
These documents will then be approved by both organizations – FIM Europe and FEMA - and will be made public on the occasion of the FIM Europe Congress in Rome in late June.
Among the topics discussed, also the organization of the next mobility test – that is:  use different modes of transport – motorcycle, moped, car, public transport and bicycle if possible, start at the same time from a set place in a suburb and head for a goal inside a European city while a time keeper collects the results.
We already made the mobility tests in 2014 for the first time, and it will be repeated in 2017. In this regard, we had the presence of Francesca Marozza for the Italian Motorcycle Federation, who already successfully organized the previous event in Italy.
“The meeting of FIM Europe with FEMA took place in the usual friendly atmosphere”, stated Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Vice President. “The meeting also provided an opportunity to invite Morten Hansen, chairman of the Working Group, to participate in the FIM Europe Congress, in the Public Affairs Commission, in the General Assembly and in the Road Safety Conference”.

MeetingFrom the left, on the other side of the table, Morten Hansen, chairman of the FIM Europe-FEMA Working Group, Francesca Marozza, FMI Road Safety Education Coordinator, Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Vice President, Jesper Christensen, FIM Director of Public Affairs Commission, Dolf Willigers, FEMA Secretary General, John Chatterton-Ross, FIM/FIM Europe Director of Public Affairs and Wim Taal, FEMA Communications Officer

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