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European Safety Meeting Motocross 9th – 10th February 2019 in Stockholm/Sweden

From the left (standing): Harald Tufthaug NMF, Stefan Ulrich FMS, Stephan Filipowski Svemo, Karsten Schneider DMSB, Pawel Kurajk PZM, Morgan Lindström Svemo, Teija Piirto SML, Martijn Spliethof KNMV, Nico de Goejj KNMV, Uwe Petzold DMSB, Patrik Rietjens FMB-BMB, Gianluca Avenoso FMI, Eddie Herd FIM Europe, Ennio Gaia Maretta FMI, Rauno Kais EMF, Nicolaos Tsaglas AMOTOE, Magnus Markenfelt Svemo, Raido Kiisk EMF, Jorgen Bitsch DMU, Asger Pedersen DMU, Per Westling Svemo, Kimmo Elo SML, Dan Lindkjølen NMF. (Sitting): Annika Pettersson Svemo, Dag Egil Nilssen NMF, Nicole Zwahlen FMS, Dirk De Neve FIM, Tony Skillington FIM, Ulla Peterson Svemo, Olivier Robert FFM, Henri Saari SML, Ola Andersson Svemo, Anja Rauch Svemo


The 9th – 10th of February 2019 Svemo organised together with FIM Europe and FIM an international meeting for exchange of experience regarding how we together can make Motocross a safer sport. Fifteen international federations participated. It was the first international meeting of that kind. The purpose of having such a meeting was to have some dedicated time to discuss openly between federations and to see where we can improve our work on a national and an international level, in cooperation with each other. Both challenges and solutions were discussed within these areas: – track safety (construction and inspection), – safety for the spectators, marshals/officials as well as riders, – education, – riders’ personal equipment, – rules for medical care as well as insurance.


                                                                                                Participants at the Meeting 

Håkan Leeman, Svemo President: ”To me personally this meeting means a lot, since we had the opportunity to discuss different challenges we are facing. Time for exchanging experiences, gather and discuss new ideas and solutions is very valuable. It is inspiring to see the participants’ drive and will to create better and safer events in the future, both on a national and an international level.

Per Westling, Svemo Secretary General: ”We are incredibly grateful and glad about finally having been able to invite to this type of meeting and to give people who actually work with safety in their sport the opportunity for a genuine exchange. The meeting got a great response and since it was highly appreciated by the participants. So hopefully this is just the start for more international meetings and exchanges of that kind in the future.”

This meeting is considered to be a first step to a coordinated international cooperation regarding safety work for all our sports. This time, Motocross was a focus area, however, the idea is to have more such meetings even for other sports within our federations. The federations participating this time shared the common view that it was a great initiative for future collaboration in making our sports safer for everyone.


From the left:  Mr. Tony Skillington (FIM Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Eddie Herd (Chairman of the FIM Europe Mx&Snowcross Commission) and Mr. Dirk De Neve (FIM Motocross Commission Coordinator)

Link to the material from the meeting, with links to the questionnaires regarding third party insurance, medical and about the meeting:

Watch here the Movie of the Meeting