European Motoball Championship at Kovrov (Russia) – Day 4

GERMANY Juniors 1-4 RUSSIA Juniors
After a beautiful opening ceremony it was a pleasure for everyone in the stadium to watch the opening game of Juniors European Motoball Championship. Youngsters showed skillful game, full of good technical elements. The future looks bright for both teams, but Russia were one step ahead the whole game and earned their first victory.

FRANCE Juniors 0-1 BELARUS Juniors
Young players age was not a factor in this game. The teams showed high motivation to win, it was a tough fight. France player got a yellow card in the last part of the game and Belarus punished them with 11 meters penalty.

FRANCE Juniors 0-2 GERMANY Juniors
Both teams lost their first games and wanted to get their first points. The fight was really close, but it was Germans whose finishing was better and earned their first victory. It was nice to see France juniors using few electrical bikes.

French players were favourites and they proved it scoring three goals in the first quarter. Lithuania had some good chances but couldn’t finish them, until they scored 11 meters penalty in the second quarter. Later they were let down by their leaky defence, which couldn’t cope with France attacking waves – three goals in third quarter and two more ones in the last. That was another spectacular win for Les Bleus.

It is worth mentioning that both team players play in the same league in Germany and know each other very well. But The Netherlands has only one team in their Country, while Germany has 14, so they have much better selection. Germany were letting their second team to play, probably saving their energy for tomorrow’s important game vs France. In the second quarter few German main players came back, and goals machine has turned on – three goals in the first half or the game, four more ones in the second.

In the evening the crowd in the stadium was getting bigger and louder – everybody waited for the hosts game. The first quarter ended with one goal for the hosts. In the second they scored three and received only one from Belarus. In the second half of the game Russia continued their domination and showed masterclass counter attacks and 16 meters free-kicks, and added five more goals.

At this link the Opening Ceremony and all the games:


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