Hill Climb Road Racing

European Hill Climb in Landshaag (Austria)

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Landshaag (Austria) hosted the European Hill Climb Road Racing Championship, with a perfect organization thanks to a long tradition. The event counted 240 riders at the start. The track was 3.620 meters long with slopes of 13%.

Already in Saturday’s free sessions the track record of 1:11.640 was beaten. On Sunday this lap-time was beaten again several times. Nine riders were able to beat the 2015’s track record. Finally Andreas Gangl was the only rider who in Landshaag managed to ride in less than 70 seconds, establishing the new track record in 1:09.940, with an average speed of more than 186 km/h.
The winners of the various classes were: Bernard Depierreux (B) in 250 GP; Francesco Curinga (I) in Supersport; Wolfgang Gammer (A) Superbike; Josef Frauenschuh (A) SM Open and they all are now the leaders 2016 European Hill Climb Road Racing Championship.
At the event FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb was present. “It was a very good start of the season. The organisation was on top level and the fans saw exciting races”, commented Dr Srb.

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The European Hill Climb Road Racing Championship in Landshaag (Austria). Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, was present at the event (second from the right in the photo above)

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