European Classic Series at Aragon (Spain)

The last 4h race of the 2017 ECS started at the Motorland Aragon racetrack. Racing conditions were very good, with a temperature in the mid 20º and a beautiful Spanish sunshine.
Twentysix teams made the trip to Alcañiz and were present in the morning at the start of the practice sessions. Six qualifying and one night practice followed without any problems on the track. Although some teams had a lot of work to solve mechanical problems, all the bikes are ready for the race on Saturday afternoon.
Regarding to the standings after the first 3 rounds, there is a fierce competition all over the classes.

On Maxi Classic there are 3 teams, Team Taurus, Neate Racing and Sweatshop Phase One #4, that can win the class.
On Classic 1000 the classification is even tighter with 8 teams capable of winning a place on the final podium.
On the 750TT class, although there are only 2 teams, the same situation can happen as either one can take the final trophy.

The end of the ECS in Aragon was very lively, with the dispute of the main places in all classes still open. With a magnificent time and excellent conditions of the track and the organization, the teams corresponded with a great professionalism that facilitated much the work of all the commissioners.
If during the qualifying only some technical problems had been registered with some bikes, in the race there was one crash without any problem for the pilot. This time the jury also had a quiet job, having only applied a Stop & Go penalty.
The quality of the teams in the ECS is getting better and better every year, which makes the show increasingly attractive.
During the 4 hours there was a very strong competitiveness, the final result being uncertain during most of the race. In the end the cup results were as follows:

Maxi Classic: 1-Neate Racing; 2-Team Taurus; 3-Sweatshop Phase One #4
Classic 1000: 1-Scuderia Officine Toscane; 2-German Guzzi Classic Team; 3-Classic Boxer Endurance
750 Tt: 1-Amici Miei; 2-Capelli Belli
Classic Class: 1-Scert; 2-Acr I; 3-Dudu Team
Legend Class: 1-Neate Racing; 2-Team Taurus; 3-Sweatshop Phase One #4
Expectations are high for next year. The organization has been working with teams to open motorcycle regulations until 1991, allowing more riders and teams to enter. With the collaboration of all, we will have an ECS 2018 full of competition and good moments of classic motorcycling.
Full results on FIM Europe website:

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