European Classic Road Racing Championship – Prize-giving ceremony

The FIM Europe Vintage Commission has organized a Prize Giving Ceremony for the winners of the 2016 Classic Road Racing Championship. The event took place in Zagreb at the Esplanade Hotel. It was organized by the Vintage Commission member from Croatia, Igor Boskovic, with the support of the Road Racing responsible John Davidson.
As a special guest to help present the trophies,  the Vintage Commission invited Igor Eskinja, a good friend from the vintage activities and well known FIM member.
After the prize giving and speeches from Igor Boskovic, John Davidson and José Campos Costa, a dinner was served to all the riders, spouses and friends present.

Ceremony GroupIn the photo from the left: Kent Jörnevall, Johan Furbok, Hasse Gustafson, Bernd Pollman, Igor Eškinja, José Campos Costa, Peter Howarth, Igor Bošković, Tanja Henschel, John Davidson, Jurgen Reidel, Janez Grom       

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