European 250cc Pairs Speedway Cup: Final 2

European 250cc Pairs Speedway Cup: Final 2

Second date for the European 250cc Pairs Speedway Cup: a few days after the Final 1 in Poland the best riders of the Speedway discipline went back on track in Pardubice, Czech Republic, for the Final 2.

Team Denmark won (26 points) closely followed by Poland (24 points) and Sweden (20 points). Team from Czech Republic finished fourth with 18 points, while Germany close the top five with 14 points.

Mikkel Andersen, recently crowned European 250cc Youth Speedway Champion, ruled the race becoming the best rider of the meeting.

During this week, riders had the unique opportunity to race in 4 meeting in 6 days in Central Europe (Poland and Czech Republic). This represents not only a reduction in cost, but also allow riders to focus on racing.

The last event of the series will be race on August 6th in Denmark.

Final classification:

  1. Poland 52
  2. Denmark 48
  3. Sweden 34
  4. Czech Rep. 33
  5. Great Britain 32
  6. Germany 28
  7. Latvia / Finland 25

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