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European Sidecar Track Racing Championship at Winborne (Great Britain)

During the first weekend of June the  500cc Sidecar European Semi Final was held at Merley Farm near Wimborne, Dorset, in the United Kingdom.
Saturday’s practice was cancelled due to the force majeure (the doctor was called off to an emergency), so Sunday was a very busy day with practice, 10 EU SF heats and 18 support races.  As well as the 500cc sidecars, the 1000cc sidecars and grasstrack solos provided the entertainment to a crowd of about 1200 spectators.
In the  European 500cc semi final 13 teams took part from 6 Countries with the local English riders making up nearly half of the field with 6 teams racing under the Union Jack.
The battle for the 6 qualifying places was immense. The perfectly prepared, wide and safe track allowed for some spectacular action.
The (one and only) all female crew (Natasha Bartlett & Ciara Southgate) gave their male counterparts good run for their money by winning two of their consecutive  heats. At the end, it was the Germans who stole the show by coming first and second, with UK getting nice third.

Top 6 qualifiers:
1. Kevin Hubsch & Michael Burger  –  Germany
2. Marcus Brandhofer & Tim Scheunemann   –  Germany
3. Shaun Harvey & Daniel Hogg – UK
4. David Carvill & Cameron Goden – UK
5. David Chaminade & Stephanie Vedelago – France
6. Christophe Grenier & Vincent Bertoneche – France

Full results on FIM Europe website:

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