Enduro Vintage European Championship: final in Spain

Enduro Vintage European Championship: final in Spain

Last weekend the Enduro Vintage European Championship came to the end of its season after the first round in Italy, the second one France and the third in Germany.

The city of Sant Mateu, Spain, hosted the last race of the year.
A two-days race with the top organisation of the Club de Motociclismo Off Road Sant Mateu.
Riders from all Europe competed until the last special test for the European title.

Final standing
Expert 75 up to 125cc – Luca Santucci, ITA
Expert 75 over 125cc – Xavier Castey Soler, SPA
Classic 80 up to 125cc – Ole Fleisher, GER
Classic 80 up to 250cc – Erhard Jens Oestreich, ITA
Classic 80 over 250cc – Joannes Steinel, GER
Open 89 up to 80cc – Giorgio Volpi, ITA
Open 89 up to 125cc – Daniel Delomenede, FRA
Open 89 up to 250cc – Andrea Rastrelli, ITA
Open 89 over 250cc – Albert Figulscanal, SPA

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