EMX65cc NE, EMX85cc NE and EMXOpen in Orlyonok (Russia)

fim europeThe first round of the North Eastern qualification leg of the EMX65 and EMX85 and the first round of the EMX Open Motocross European Championship were held this weekend in Orlyonok (Russia). In the EMX65 class only one heat was held with the winner Russian Maksim Kasatkin (KTM).

In the EMX85cc class with two victories Russian Timur Petrashin managed to win the overall rankings of the day.

In the EMX Open the winner of the first heat was Russian Semen Rogozin, while in the second race winner was Belarussian Evgeni Tyletski. Overall winner of the day was Rogozin with 45 points.

The next round is scheduled on the 25th of May in Petrasiuniai (Lithaunia).


 Download here FIM Europe Press Release 041/2014