EMX65, EMX85 South East Zone and Open European Championship at Kiskunlachaza (Hungary) – Day1

On the beautiful track in Hungarian city of Kiskunlachaza, the first day of EMX 65/85 South East Zone and EMX Open class was held. All practices and qualifying races were run in a hot, dry conditions.

EMX 85 – Hungarian Riders had the benefit of home-track in the Qualifying race: Bence Pergel was leader from start to finish and won in front of Laszlo Mark Tecsi. The first two riders showed a great ride and managed to gain a big gap in front of and Roland Liszka, all from Hungary.

EMX 65 – The home-rider Gerfo Grosz from Hungary won the qualifying race in EMX 65 class followed by championship leader Zoltan Ordog and Hungarian Adam Horvath.

EMX OPEN – Erik Hugyecz and Martin Michek had a fierce battle in the qualifying race and finished in this order ahead of Volodymir Tarasov and Evgeny Mikhaylov.

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