EMX65, EMX85 and Women’s Championships’ cancelled for 2020

EMX65, EMX85 and Women’s Championships’ cancelled for 2020

FIM Europe regrets to announce that due to the global COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 European Championships EMX65, EMX85 and Women’s are cancelled.

The EMX65 andEMX85 championships should have taken place in four zone: South East, South West, North East, North West and the finals were set to take place at the popular Loket circuit in Czech Republic, with the EMXGP and many of the European youngest talents due to gather for another fantastic weekend of racing.
Unfortunately, due to the current global situation, this will not be possible in 2020 as most of the EMX65 and EMX85 events were supposed to run in spring/summer and can not be re-scheduled in autumn due to the school calendar.

This also means that the EMX Women’s European Championship will no longer take place in 2020 either.

Eddie Herd, Chairman of FIM Europe Motocross Commission
“It was a difficult decision to make but I firmly believe it is the correct one. Most of the EMX65/85 zone rounds and the WEMX rounds have already been cancelled and there will be no certainty that the Finals in Loket would go ahead as scheduled, thus we had to consider that there was only a small window to re-schedule the Finals because of school holidays. We also had to consider the financial impact for the families of the riders, many of whom are suffering a huge lack of income due to the lockdown in most countries and this would have severely affected the number of entries. I believe we will come back stronger in 2021 and we will offer the first choice of the zone rounds and the WEMX rounds to this year’s organizers as a priority. For the remainder of this year, Infront Moto Racing and the FIM Europe will concentrate on EMX125, the EMX250, EMX2T and the EMX Open classes as soon as travel for the riders across the borders and without restrictions will be possible”.

FIM Europe along with Infront Moto Racing have not taken this decision lightly but look forward to an even bigger and better championship in 2021.
We kindly ask you all for a great deal of responsibility and understanding as we all tackle this difficult time.