EMX65, EMX 85 South East Zone and Open European Championship at Kiskunlachaza (Hungary) – Day2

On the track in Hungarian city of Kiskunlachaza, the day2 of EMX 65/85 South East Zone and EMX Open class was held.
EMX 85
In race 1 Bence Pergel did the holeshot followed by Laszlo Mark Tecsi and by the rest of the crew. The two riders continued their fight for the whole race but at the end Laszlo Mark Tecsi was stronger and won in front of Bence Pergel. Third position for Viktor Varro, all three from Hungary.
In race 2 it was again a battle between Bence Pergel and Laszlo Mark Tecsi. This time Laszlo Mark Tecsi took the lead from the beginning and won in front of Bence Pergel and Viktor Varro.
The overall winner is Laszlo Mark Tecsi, ahead of Bence Pergel and Viktor Varro.

EMX 65
Race 1 – Simun Ivandic from Croatia, only 7th in qualification, won after leading from start to finish. Second position for Hungarian Gergo Grosz. The two rider continued to fight for the whole race distance but Simun Ivandic managed to defend his position. Third position for another Hungarian rider: Adam Horvath.
Race 2 – Gergo Grosz did the a hole shot and went into the lead. Behind him there was a big battle with three riders for second position: Simun Ivandic, Adam Horvath and Zoltan Orgod. At the end Hungariam Gergo Grosz wo ahead of Croatian Simun Ivandic and of Hungarian Adam Horvath.
The overall winner is Gergo Grosz ahead of Simun Ivandic and Adam Horvath.


Race 1 – Like in EMX 65 class, two riders went ahead: Hungarian Erik Hugyecz and Czech Martin Michek had a big fight in the lead. Erik Hugyecz made a good start and did the hole shot. After few turns Martin Michek followed him and tried to to pass him, which he managed to do wo laps before the finish line. Martin Michek won in front of Hugyecz. Third position for Dmytro Asmanov from Ukraine.
Race 2 – Peter Bartos started with a hole shot ahead of Martin Michek who took the lead after two laps. Shortly later, Erik Hugyecz overtook Bartos took the lead in front of Martin Michek. In last third of the race Martin Michek went ahead again and won in front of Erik Hugyesz and Dymtro Asmanov.
The overall winner is Martin Michek, ahead of Erik Hugyecz and Dymitro Asmanov.
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