EMX65 and EMX 85 European Championships SE Zone at Sevlievo (Bulgaria) - Day2

On the Bulgarian track of Sevlievo, the races of the EMX 65 and 85 South East Zone European Motocross Championships have been held today in hot, dry condition.

EMX 85 – In race 1 Romanian rider Marius Popovici was figthting with Marius Kanakis from Greece: they created a big gap in front of two Croatian riders Patrik Ujcic and Luka Kunic battling for the third place. Popovici won in front of Kanakis and the Croatian fight was won by Patrik Ujcic.
In race 2 Marius Popovici was leading from the start followed by Marius Kanakis and Patrik Ujcic. In the battle for leading position Kanakis overtook Popovici but made a mistake and crashed. He rejoined and started recovering, managing to finish third. Popovici won ahead of Patrik Ujcic.
The overall winner of the day is Marius Popovici, in front of Patrik Ujcic and Marius Kanakis.

EMX 65 – In race 1 Israelian rider Ofir Tzemach won after a long battle with three other riders. Second position for Croatian Dino Loncar ahead of Adam Horvath, who was lucky in fight with Romanian Zoltan Ordog.
In race 2 Adam Horvath and Zoltan Ordog struggled for the first place. Ordog was the fastest and won in front of Adam Horvath and of Croatian Simun Ivandic.
Zoltan Ordog is the overall winner, Adam Horvath is second and Dino Loncar third of the day.
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