EMX65 and EMX 85 Championship SW Zone at Fernao Joanes (Portugal) – Day2

The second racing day in Fernao Joanes, Portugal, started in a partly sunny, calm morning.

EMX 85 – The first race started with Italian Matteo Luigi Russi leading, but in the third lap Spanish Raul Sanchez Garcia took the first position and finished first, ahead of Matteo Luigi Russi 12,75sec behind the leader. Third position for French Enzo Casa.
In Race2 the holeshot went to Raul Sanchez Garcia who was leading all race long, even if French Saad Soulimani was very close from start to finish. He finished second 9,09sec behind the Spanish rider. Third step of the podium of another French Axel Louis.
In the overall, the winner of the event was Raul Sanchez Garcia, ahead of Saad Soulimani and of Matteo Luigi Russi, with the same points as Soulimani.

EMX 65 – Race1 was lead by French Jules Pietre at the start but already in the second lap Spanish Francisco Garcia took the first position and managed to win the race, ahead of Jan Janout from Czech Republic and of Italian Patrick Busatto 21,91 sec behind of the leader.

Race2 was lead by Francisco Garcia again, ahead of Jan Janout, who finished 6,93sec behind the leader. Third position for Spanish David Benitez.
The overall winner was Francisco Garcia, ahead of Jan Janout and Patrick Busatto.

This was the fourth and last round of the SW Zone EMX 65/85, so the overall standings are as follows:

EMX 65 – 1) Brando Rispoli (ITA), 2) Patrick Busatto (ITA), 3) Alessandro Gaspari (ITA).

EMX 85 – 1) Raul Sanchez Garcia (ESP), 2) Axel Louis (FRA), 3)Andrea Viano (ITA).

Full results on FIM Europe website:


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