EMX Quad European Championship: Saar and Tvaraen in fight for the win

EMX Quad European Championship:
Saar and Tvaraen fight for the win

Race 1 – Kevin Saar got the holeshot but was closely followed by Roman Gwiazda and Christopher Tvaraen, with Saar and Tvaraen pulling out a significant gap over the Polish rider. Laptimes dropped into the 1:50’s in the beginning, evident that the Estonian and Norwegian were trying their absolute best. A rare mistake from Saar, in which he miscalculated one of the many jumps, led to Tvaraen having no where to go. He came down and the front portion of his Yamaha hit Kevin Saar’s back hard. It was clear that Saar was in a lot of discomfort from the impact, and Tvaraen was as apologetic as he could be however, we still had a race on our hands. Tvaraen pulled out an advantage of 6 seconds almost by the time Saar had regrouped and found his groove. He chipped away at the lead and eventually overcame Tvaraen and reclaimed his lead, much to the delight of the local fans! Tvaraen could do nothing but watch Saar ride into the distance. The final classification saw Saar take the win by 8 seconds over Tvaraen, with Roman Gwiazda completing the podium in what was a relatively lonely ride.

Race 2 – The track had dried throughout the night, and with no rain scheduled for Sunday’s action, the scene was set for a fantastic day of action. The race got underway and it was a surprise hole shot for the Kacper Mieszkowski who got the better of Semen Korostelev. Priit Jarvloo was up into 4th place momentarily before a mistake at the first turn saw him drop to the back of the pack. Fan-favorite Kevin Saar was also right at the back of the field, and this was no surprise as the collision between himself and Christopher Tvaraen had taken its toll. He went to the local hospital to get checked out, and it transpired that he had cracked the L2 and L3 vertebrae. His main aim for the race was to score as many points as possible, and I don’t think even he knew what was to happen next.
It was very closely fought in the early stages of the race with Mieszkowski defending well against Korostelev and Tvaraen, but Tvaraen soon pulled the pin and in one smooth move, moved up the order to take up the running. From here, Tvaraen would pull out an advantage of over 40 seconds. Kevin’s Saar was languishing outside of the top 10, but with the adrenaline flowing, soon found himself moving up the order with relative ease.
While Saar was moving through the pack, it was heartbreak for Semen Korostelev as his machine cried enough and he reluctantly pulled into the pits from a very strong 3rd place position. This left Mieszkowski in a lonely 2nd place for the majority of the race. A shoutout to the man who finished Race 1 in 3rd place, Roman Gwiazda. He unfortunately ran into bike trouble and had to retire from the race after showing such promising race pace which was a great shame for the Polish rider. Kevin Saar in the meantime was fighting tooth and nail with every competitor he encountered in his charge through the field. He caught up to Mieszkowski but could not find his way past for a couple of laps. Mieszkowski was putting up a fantastic defence to try and hold onto the 2nd place, but Saar had other ideas. He got better drive out of a tricky left-hander, went side-by-side with Mieszkowski and had the superior line going into the next corner. This is how it would stay for the remainder of the race, with Tvaraen taking the win over Saar, and a brilliant podium for Kacper Mieszkowski which was the first ever podium for him in the European Quadcross Championship.
With a 1-2 finish in the 2 motos for Saar, and a 2-1 for Tvaraen, it was all to play for in the third and final race.

Race 3 – For the final time, the gates dropped to unleash a grid full of hungry competitors and it was the Polish man who took the holeshot, Roman Gwiazda. He got the best launch from the gate and put himself at the front of the pack as they made their way around the first 2 corners safely, besides a small incident for Rene Tarend and Pavel Kashov. It was also a fantastic start for local man Priit Jarvloo on the Kawasaki, the only one in the field. He was locked in battle with Mieszkowski throughout the duration of the race, with positions chopping and changing. Gwiazda was doing an absolutely brilliant job of defending his lead during the opening couple of laps, but the pressure and speed of the chasing duo, Tvaraen and Saar, was too much and he was soon relegated down to 3rd. The dicing duo decided that enough was enough, and were putting in some seriously fast lap times but with the adrenaline flowing once more for Saar he was able to overtake Tvaraen on the inside. Tvaraen, try as he might, had no answer to this challenge which led to Saar opening the advantage and coming home to take 25 points, giving him a total of 72 over the three races.
Gwiazda had a healthy advantage over Marcus Thomson, but disaster was to strike for the Dane as he crashed out of what could have been a good points scoring position. This promoted Jarvloo and Mieszkowski into 4th and 5th places respectively, and they were trying every possible way to better one another. In the end, back markers would come into play and the man who used them to his advantage was Mieszkowski who would finish the race in 4th place, just a couple of seconds ahead of Jarvloo. Paolo Galizzi was having a good ride inside the top 5, but a suspected mechanical issue forced him to lose time, and he ended up in 8th place.
Despite the race being finished, there was one more twist in the story as Gwiazda was docked 10 positions for a yellow flag infringement, so what was a podium finish ended up being a 13th place position. This revelation would promise Mieszkowski into the final podium position, with Jarvloo in 4th and Kuzmierczak rounding out the top 5.

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