EMX 65cc, EMX 85cc NW Zone and EMX Women at Dreetz (Germany) – Day 1

The third round of EMX 65cc and EMX 85cc North West Zone and the second round of EMX Women is being held this weekend at Dreetz (Germany). The weather today was cloudy and about 28 degrees.

The organizer, Moto Club Dreetz, did a great job and the riders made their training and qualification sessions on a perfectly prepared track
In EMX 65cc qualifying race the winner was Lotte Van Druden ahead of Bradley Mesters and Damien Knuimann, all from The Netherlands.
In the qualifying race of EMX 85cc the first rider at the finish line was Håkon Østerhagen from Norway, who got the pole position followed by Scott Smulders by Dave Kooiker, both from the Netherlands.
In EMX Women’s qualifying race the fastest rider was Sara Andersen from Denmark, in front of Shana Van Deer vlist and Lynn Valk, both from The Netherlands.

Full results on FIM Europe website: and


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