EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship – South West zone

EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship
South West zone

Fernao Joanes, in Portugal, hosted the fourth round of the EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship – South West zone.
The spectacular, fast and hard pack track was perfectly prepared inviting all the riders for a thrilling event.

27 degrees, little wind, perfect conditions for spectacular races. And that was exactly what riders did.
In race 1 the French Felix Cardineau took the holeshot, closely followed by the Italians Filippo Mantovani, Riccardo Pini and Niccolo Mannini and the Swiss Ryan Oppliger. After a few laps Mantovani took the lead but shortly after he crashed leaving the lead to Cardineau. Second position for Mannini and third for Pini.
In the second heat it seems that everyone can be in top 10. Mantovani took the holeshot, maintaining the leadership until the chequered flag. Another Italian, Gennaro Utech, was one of the best finishing second. Third place for Mannini, first in the standings and winner of the event ahead of Mantovani and Oppliger.

In EMX 65 local hero Pau Caudet wins the qualifying heat ahead of Ricardo Bauer and Carlos Martin Jimenez.
In the first race the holeshot went to local rider Gomes Guilherme. After the first lap the Italian Francesco Assini took the lead ahead Bauer, Caudet and Jimenez, who after 3 laps took the lead followed by the Austrian, while Caudet was out of the race due to physical problems. In the last lap Assini made a mistake: Jimenez won ahead Bauer and Mennillo.
In the second race Jimenez lead from start to finish, winning also the Overall. Second position for Caudet and third for Bauer, who is still first in the standings in front of Jimenez and Caudet.

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