EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship

EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship:
North East zone

North West zone

The EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship – North East zone and North West zone raced together in Velke Uherce – Slovakia, their last round of this 2022 season.

Now is all set for the Final, that will be held in Loket on July 17th together with the MXGP of Czech Republic.

North West Zone results

EMX 65
1. Maxim Zimmermann, Slovakia
2. Jamiro Peters, Germany
3. Thorius Bertram, Denmark

EMX 85
1. Gyan Doensen, The Netherlands
2. Dex Koiker, The Netherlands
3. Freddie Bartlett, Sweden

North East Zone results

EMX 65
1. Leok Lucas, Estonia
2. Allas Aston, Estonia
3. Lustus Enri, Estonia

EMX 85
1. Leok Travis, Estonia
2. Emils Solovyjevs, Latvia
3. Laicans Raivo, Latvia


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