EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship:
 North Europe, South East and South West zone

EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship:
North Europe, South East and South West zone

The EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship enters in the height of the season.

The city of Aloja, in Latvia, hosted the third round of the North Europe zone. A sunny and early summer weather welcomed more than 50 riders, in fight for the zone title.

In EMX65 the Estonian riders keep on ruling the championship. With full 50 points Georg Lootus (KTM) grab the first step of the podium ahead of home riders Patriks Cirulis (Husqvarna) and Martin Cirulis (Husqvarna), respectively second and third tied on points.

In EMX85, after two success in a row Estonian rider Travis Leok (Husqvarna) had to leave the scene to home rider Jekabs Hudolejs (GasGas). Thanks to a second position and a win the Latvian got the first step of the podium, tied on points with Leok, who still maintain the leadership of the championship with 147 points. Another podium also for Lucas Leok (Husqvarna), twice second.

EMX65 top three
1. Georg Lootus, EST
2. Patriks Cirulis, LAT
3. Martins Cirulis, LAT

EMX85 top three
1. Jekabs Hudolejs, LAT
2. Travis Leok, EST
3. Lucas Leok, EST

After the round of April in Greece and Bulgaria, the South East zone raced its third round in, Turkey.

In EMX65, Serbain lady Ana Kolnookov (KTM) still dominated an extremely muddy Race1 and sunny Race2. With 25 + 25 points she got the third seasonal win ahead of Bulgarian Markov Pavel (KTM) and Romanian Daniel Marian (GasGas), who finished on equal points with a second and third place per race.

In EMX85, brilliant performance in the rain for the Romanian rider Sami Dumitru (KTM), who won also the Overall thanks to a second place in Race2. This time, championship leader Ginov Georgi (KTM) had to settle with the second position collecting a win in Race2 and a third place in Race1. Home rider Efe Okur (KTM) complete the top three thanks to a second and fifth place grab the third step of the podium.

EMX65 top three
1. Ana Kolnookov, SRB
2. Markov Pavel, BUL
3. Daniel Marian, ROU
EMX85 top three
1. Sami Dimitru, ROU
2. Ginov Georgi, BUL
3. Efe Okur, TUR

The beautiful track of Orehova Vas, close to Maribor, Slovenia, hosted the second round of the South West Zone. Thanks to the great job done by the organizers in the preparation of the track after the heavy rainy of the two weeks before the competition, all races were disputed with no problems.

In EMX65 class home riders Alex Novak (KTM) and Taj Golez (GasGas) got one win each, but thanks to the second position in Race2, Novak won the round ahead of Golez, third in Race1. Third overall position for Italian rider Francesco Assini (GasGas), second and fourth.

The EMX85 saw the double victory of Italian rider Riccardo Pini (KTM): in Race1 he passed Spanish rider Juan Izaguirre Pinto (KTM) in the last lap, while in Race2 the Italian took the lead from the start. Second in the first heat and third in the second one, Pinto was second overall ahead of Nicolò Alvisi (GasGas).
EMX65 top three
1. Alex Novak, SLO
2. Taj Golez, SLO
3. Francesco Assini, ITA

EMX85 top three
1. Riccardo Pini, ITA
2. Juan Izaguirre Pinto, SPA
3. Nicolò Alvisi, ITA


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